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Different Types of Neon Signs

Different Types of Neon Signs

Different Types of Neon Signs

Did you know that there are several types of neon signs? What makes a neon sign different from the rest? You clicked on the right article. We’ll tell you about all the various types of neon signs.

How Many Types of Neon Signs Are There?

Neon signs come in all shapes and sizes. There are 100 different colors! Neon signs have multiple advantages. Your business should have a neon sign because it attracts customers. Let’s go over the different types of neon signs.

How Do they Have Different Colors?

Gases produce different colors in neon signs. Each gas emits a specific color in the designs for neon signs. However, let’s talk about the different types of neon signs. No matter the design, colors will achieve wonderful art.

Neon Infinity Boxes

Want a neon sign that provides an optical illusion? Try out neon infinity boxes. They are a unique type of neon lighting. If you’re looking for a neon sign that will attract customers’ eyes, neon infinity boxes will do the trick.

Neon infinity boxes have incredible tubing that mold into any shape and size. One of the best parts about neon infinity boxes is that they can trick the eye into seeing something different. Mount one in the kitchen, your storefront, or even put it on the wall in your home.

Neon on Print

If you’re searching for the best results, we recommend that you go with neon on print. Before you bring your neon sign to life, draw it out. Choose a print that you like, and then neon tubing designs are attached to it. It brings the design to life in a colorful style.  

Neon on Print is an eye-catching neon design. All you have to do is choose your design and then the neon sign is plugged into the socket. You’re ready for business!

Neon Art

Another popular neon sign is neon art. Some teams create neon signs for customers. These businesses help customers think up a design along with more creative ideas.  

Neon Mirror Boxes

 Neon Mirror Boxes are your go-to if you want to stand out. You can put a neon mirror box anywhere. By using a laser, designs are etched on. Neon Mirror boxes are a stylistic neon sign that achieves the right unique touch your business is looking for. This way you have the best design in town.

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