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How are Neon Signs Made?

How are Neon Signs Made?

Have you ever questioned how a Neon sign is made? Today is your lucky day. We’re going to teach you everything that you need to know about neon signs.

Let’s Start with Design

Each neon sign is unique. You need to consider the diameter of the tube, the radius in which it is bent, and the overall length of the tube. If you have a smaller tube, it’s more likely the neon sign will have a brighter glow.

How to Prepare the Tube

First, glass tubes are cleaned and carefully placed vertically in a coating machine. Inside the oven, the tubes are dried from the liquid phosphor coating. Next, color tints are applied. To apply to color, tubes are filled with neon to form red or orange lighting. Tubes that are blue lighting are left clear.

Steps on How to Bend the Tube

  • Step 1: Designs are laid out in a full-size heat resistance sheet of asbestos
  • Step 2: Glass tubes are carefully heated using burners
  • Step 3: Round letters are burned in from 24-inch gas-fired ribbon burners
  • Step 4: Next, tubing is bent by hand (Gloves are not worn. Tube benders need to feel the transfer of heat to bend)
  • Step 5: The tube bender blows into a house, forcing the tube back to its original form

How Letters are Shaped Together

For each section of the neon sign, a length of 8-10 feet is the limit. Each end of the tubing is heated and sliced together. Once the shape of a letter has been formed, an electrode is heated and fused onto each end. After a tubulation port is added to allow electrodes to separate from the tubing.

Tube Process

The tubes for Neon signs have a long process. First, the tubes have to be bombarded. Bombarding refers to removing any impurities of the glass, phosphors, and electrodes. Any air that is inside the tubing is evacuated.

Next, the glass should be cooled to a temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. For the glass to have a long life, the finished tube is placed inside a gas-filled tube. The gas is properly stabilized. Once the aging process is finished, the neon signs are mounted on their framework.

Within fifteen minutes times, the neon sign should reach full illumination. A droplet of mercury is sealed into the argon tube making the process last, obtain lighting.

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