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How to Choose the Best Neon Sign

How to Choose the Best Neon Sign

How to Choose the Best Neon Sign

Want to know what you should look for when choosing a neon sign? Luckily, you have this article here to help you. Here’s everything you need to know in your decision process.

What are you Looking for?

It all begins with what type of neon sign you are looking for. There are traditional neon signs and LED neon sign lights. All signs differ on how they are made. Each sign lasts for a long lifespan.

Quality of the sign

The condition of neon signs largely depends on the quality of LED neon flex lights. Flex lights are what are used to make neon signs. Determine the atmosphere of your business and then you can estimate the quality of your sign.

Large or Small Building?

How big is the building? Use the measurements of the structure to consider how big the neon sign should be. Your sign may not need to be large if the exterior of the building measures out to be 40 feet long. Measure your storefront, too.

What is the saying?

What do you want your sign to say? Our first piece of advice is that you should keep it short and simple. No need to write a novel. Write a phrase or a message that represents your company.

Choose Your Colours

Colour is considered to be the trickiest part of choosing the best neon sign. Neon signs come in over 100 colours! Once you have the logo of your business settled, think about the color. How does the color reflect the atmosphere of your environment? After you have come to a settlement, incorporate them into the LED signage.

What Font Style?

Yes, we know that you have a lot to think about when choosing the best neon sign. It’s only to ensure that you get the right one. Consider what font is eye-catching. Avoid fonts that are hard to read. And don’t pick cursive. Go with a large font with a color that stands out from the background.

Should I Include Images?

That’s all up to you in your search. It’s better to have a neon sign with the appropriate lettering. It’s okay to add an image. However, Including an image creates a jumbled mess on the board. Make sure that you are not distracting focus away from the main attention. After all, you want people to notice your company.

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