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What Makes a Good Neon Sign?

What Makes a Good Neon Sign?

What Makes a Good Neon Sign?

So, we already know that neon signs are good for attracting customers. What else are neon signs good for? What makes a good neon sign? Let’s find out.

It Should Be Sturdy

No, a neon sign should not fall to the ground where your customers are standing. Make sure that it has a good hold on the window. A good neon sign will stay on the window for a long chunk of time.

It’s Bright

The human eye is naturally drawn to light. A neon sign should be so bright that it hurts your eyes. Well, maybe not. Make your neon sign the brightest it will ever glow.

That’s what attracts customers to your business, particularly at night. The light from neon signs is visible in all types of weather like rain or fog. 

Fits Nicely into Your Decor

Does your neon sign fit the aesthetic of your work environment? Look at it this way. A neon sign works way better in a tattoo parlor than it does in a lawyer’s office. A good neon sign reflects someone’s taste.

Promotes Your Business

Consider a neon sign if you want to transform your storefront in some way. Neon signs promote your business. For businesses who are just setting up, this is the time to research what you want your neon sign to look like.

Where is your business located? Are you visible to the town or are you located in a dark corner where it’s tough to get one customer?

Efficient in Energy

A good neon sign should be efficient in energy. We know what you’re thinking about the electrical bill. Fortunately for you, neon signs only use 50-60% less electricity than most modern signs.

Unlike other kinds of bulbs, the bulbs in neon signs don’t burn your hand. Neon signs are a safer option than anything.

Have a Better Durability

Another reason for what makes a good neon sign is that they are durable. They are properly constructed to last up to ten years. Get this, they don’t burn out because of the light bulbs, but due to bad wiring! No need to worry about the bulbs.

Neon Signs are Beautiful

No matter what design you choose, neon signs are beautiful. They stand out in the business world. What makes a good neon sign is that you put your own unique design into it.  

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